Thursday, October 14, 2010

Eat the SEAFOOD if you want but do you really believe the authorities and corporations? I don't!

7/15 at Senate hearing on use and impact of dispersants, NOAA and EPA admitted they were not testing seafood for presence of dispersants. 8/19 at House hearing on seafood safety, NOAA, FDA and EPA testified they had only done very limited testing on dispersants and as of that date were only testing for one component, a non-toxic one. They had no tests for whether it accumulates in fish, oysters, crabs, shrimp, or any other sea life. They 'felt' dispersants would not pose any human health problems.
How long does it take to come up with a test?

The real story was on WKRG where they said that all of the seafood from BP's 'gulf seafood is safe party' came from places far far away from here (the Gulf Region). The Shrimp had been frozen before the spill (and) the oysters and crabs were from up on the east coast.

FROM ANITA: this is all a dog and pony show...I mean no one wants to lose a buck here!

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