Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Coast Guard Approved Continued Corexit Dispersant Use After EPA Order to Limit

This is not new news. I have been speaking on this for months, that this was a military operation approved of by the highest levels of government. The military cannot do anything without orders from higher up. I am a ...veteran of Air Force Intelligence Operations and have some knowledge on this.When I made those statements months ago, people called me a whack job, bat shit crazy, etc. Or completely refused to believe it even though I published pictures of the stacked canisters of Corexit and C-130's from Stennis Air Space Center in MS right on my blog here at http://hoodoooed.blogspot.com/. And a date the pics were taken. If military aircraft, boats, etc., are being used, it then becomes sanctioned by the military. If it is a military op, the orders come from on high.
My article MORE ON THE OIL GUSH (Google it, but also on http://hoodooed.blogspot.com), mentioned that our government had to be held accountable. I wrote the article on May 2nd, the day Obama visited the Gulf Region. And while everyone was hating on BP, and I kept reiterating that it was our government's tie to the corporations that was the source of the crime scene in the Gulf.
Since when does the military guard and protect the corporations and not US, WE THE PEOPLE? This is a crime AGAINST the people.
This has been a depopulation program from the get go.
I feel like Cassandra who prophesied about the fall of Troy, but the citizens and she were under a spell, so they all thought she was crazy...

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