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Holistic Health Practitioners Rodney Soto, MD and Margie Clarke, RN working with Gulf Coast Barefoot Doctors

As some of you know, two holistic health practitioners are now working closely with Gulf Coast Barefoot Doctors to help people in the Gulf region address the serious human health effects of the chemical and biological agents that have been released by BP and the federal government. We're setting up a program with Rodney Soto, MD to provide Skype consultations and ordering of diagnostic blood tests, including the Metametrix VOC, PAH, etc. profiles. His $200 charge will include a 15 minute consultation and introduction of his two-week cleansing detox regimen, which GCBD will assist in monitoring. GCBD will also assist in his patient intake and in the following detox and nutritional maintenance. Having a physician working with us will help diagnose and address underlying health problems that are so often exacerbated by the chemical poisoning or are sometimes discovered, and will provide evidence for those who wish to pursue legal action against the parties responsible for the destruction of the Gulf environment. The blood tests are an additional charge, and are, unfortunately out of reach for many people. However, Dr. Soto's intake questionnaire and the basic CBC (complete blood count) and CMP (complete metabolic panel) tests he requires are inexpensive, and will be sufficient to determine the severity of the individual's toxicity, and will also serve as scientific documentation.

We're also blessed to have Margeretha Constantinona Najdowska, better known as "Margie Clarke,"  who's an RN, raw food and nutritional consultant, and holistic health practitioner. And she's now working working with Gulf Coast Barefoot Doctors, which means all of us in the Gulf region. Margie will be based in the Lower Ninth Ward in New Orleans in the coming weeks to work with Gulf Coast Barefoot Doctors (GCBD) in its outreaches in the Gulf region to educate people about detoxification/nutrition so they can become barefoot doctors and teach others in their community.

Responding to the same humanitarian impulses of others from throughout the U.S., Margie felt an obligation to bring her knowledge and skills to us to help us survive and even prevent a worsening of a public health catastrophe from the chemical and biological agents which have been introduced into our environment by BP and the federal government and which have been poisoning and infecting people throughout the Gulf region and beyond. She's working with GCBD to revise its detox and nutritional guidelines and to include additional effective herbal blends and nutritional supplements.

Margie brings with her an immense amount of knowledge, skills, and experience, as well as an extraordinary product. The daughter of Russian emigres who fled the Nazi Holocaust in the 1940s, Margie has spent over twenty-five years as an RN, fifteen of them as a traveling nurse in two Canadian provinces and 20 U.S. states, including New Orleans. She's been working for the past ten years as a holistic health practitioner and nutrition specialist with a focus on raw food. She currently lives in the Pacific Northwest, where she's the community liaison of Klamath, California to the Klamath River Early College of the Redwoods at Yurok Reservation. She has started a community garden in Klameth to teach young people about food and how people in Mendocino and Trinity Counties are blocking the invasion GMO crops.

GCBD is setting up several wellness/barefoot doctor training seminars in the Gulf region in the coming weeks. We'll post a fuller biography with the announcements of dates and locations of the seminars. For the past few days, Margie has also been consulting with individuals with serious health challenges, and working with GCBD to revise its detox/nutrition guidelines.

Gulf Coast Barefoot Doctors Has Solutions to Toxicity of Environment and Body

Earlier in the week, Margie and I drove to West Monroe, Louisiana, to meet with the owner of Tedco, the company that manufactures Miracle II products and Extreme Ph bottled water and to discuss with him the use of Miracle II solutions to counteract the chemical and biological agents we in the Gulf region (and beyond) are confronting.

What is Miracle II? The formula and process of Miracle II is a closely-held secret that the Chemical and Biological Warfare Program of the Department of Defense has coveted for decades now. The government,  however, has been unable to completely back engineer it to the extent that makes Miracle II a nontoxic external and internal neutralizer of toxins. It's marketed as "sudsy soap" and "clear sudless soap" because the FDA, which has persecuted Tedeton in an attempt to learn how it's made and short of that to shut them down, has no jurisdiction (at this time) over soap.

Mr. Kirk Tedeton, the son of the founder of the Tedco who introduced the formula to the wider public, told us that after the explosion of the Deepwater Horizon, he personally drove to the coast pulling a trailer bearing drums of Miracle II, because he knew that his solutions were a surfactant that would serve the same purpose as a chemical dispersant, but is completely nontoxic. We can actually drink Miracle II solutions, and it will not only not harm us but will be beneficial.

It will surprise none of you that he was turned away. He did, however, get some of the crude oil to run some experiments of his own and found that Miracle II was indeed the solution that the federal government, if not BP, already knew about but rejected in favor of poisoning the Gulf, the wildlife, and humans.

Mr. Tedeton told us that BP is currently considering Miracle II, along with a couple of other surfactants, for use.

We'll be introducing the use of Miracle II during the upcoming seminars. We've already begun including Miracle II sudsy and sudless clear soaps in our detox/nutrition kits for "internal and external cleansing."

Become a Barefoot Doctor

I hope everyone will attend one of the upcoming GCBD seminars so that you'll be able to act as a barefoot doctor and teach others how they can protect themselves and improve their health through some very simple means--most important of all hydration and salt (1/4 tsp. of Himalayan salt, or other pure mineral-rich salt, per qt. of water). Seminar locations will include the Lower Ninth Ward of New Orleans, Baton Rouge, Grand Isle and Venice, and Pensacola.

Please contact us to help coordinate one for your community. A video of one of these sessions will help us get the word out so people can begin helping themselves and each other immediately, and joining with us to declare their freedom to be well without the interference of the FDA. The government and BP have been poisoning us with an array of toxins, plus biological agents, and we have the right to remove those toxins from our bodies. We ask for everyone to stand with us in the coming weeks to take that stand and to act accordingly. The front line is our bodies and our minds.

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