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BP and Macondo evidence now shifting from LIHOP to MIHOP

The BP Gulf Oil Spill becomes the 911 of the South;
only with far greater repercussions for the entire planet.

The investigation of a crime scene is always an ongoing evolution, where more and more facts give rise to more and more theories.  Often this evolution starts with a presumption of gross negligence/incompetence as the cause of the crime.  It can then take a turn to a more unfortunate understanding where it becomes clear that the perpetrators LIHOP (Let It Happen On Purpose?)  Lastly, there are those instances where the realization emerges in full relief that we are dealing with hardened criminals who MIHOP (Made It Happen On Purpose!).
It’s always an extremely unfortunate happenstance for a forensic researcher, during the course of investigation of a crime scene like the Macondo Prospect in the Gulf of Mexico (GOM), to come to this last realization of MIHOP.  The ramifications about what and why and who may have committed such a crime against the planet, against humanity and against a nation are just too staggering to wrap one’s mind around.
However, this is where we are in our current understanding of what truly went down in the GOM on and before April 20th of 2010.  Like 911, the entire world was transfixed by the dramatic fire and sinking of the Deepwater Horizon (collapse of the Twin Towers), as well as the subsequent gushing of the rogue well for 87 straight days (weeks of molten steel at ground zero).  Also like 911, it does appear that a leap in consciousness has now occurred which points directly to a MIHOP scenario.
It is very sad to say, but the facts on the seafloor, coupled with the truth in the elusive mud logs, BOP records, irrational and destined to fail attempts by BP to cap the well, etc. all point to forces at work behind the scenes which guaranteed that a catastrophe of epic proportions would occur.  Furthermore, the forensic analysis which follows below categorically reinforces this unfolding theory.
We invite anyone who might contribute to this line inquiry to forward any relevant information, documents, emails, photos, etc. to the following contact info. Please be assured that all data/info will be treated with the utmost confidentiality (Whatever that means in these days of secret Homeland Security regimes and massive data mining by the NSA?).
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Compelling arguments for a Disaster-in-Making
- BK Lim
11 Dec @010
Almost 8 months after the disastrous blowout on 20 Apr 2010, it is important to recap and critically examine the key turning points which could have averted BP’s Mega Oil Spill.  It’s always unfortunate for an investigator

Figures 140-1 to 140-2 are among first ROV images confirming the third well and the massive NW-SE strike-slip fault zone which the three Macondo wells had drilled into. This major deep-seated fault zone is one of the several geological reasons why the gas blowouts occurred and why the subsequent oil-gas leaks from the reservoirs are so difficult to control. The other geological reasons are given in the next posting. It is worthy to note that BP’s geohazards assessment categorically stated that the “proposed well bore will not intersect any faults between the seafloor and the depth limit of this investigation at Horizon 6 or 5,328 ft bml”.
When details of the “nightmare well from Hell” first spilled out, it was obvious to independent experts that there had to be more than 1 well. In fact, the later forensic analyses (in early August) revealed three. For all these 3 wells to be so problematical, the same risky geohazardous conditions must have existed in all three locations. The hazardous geological conditions, and in particular the faults, can actually be inferred from the general seafloor morphology revealed by satellite images obtained from Google Earth. It was therefore intriguing why official investigations would overlook the obvious, as if the geological truth and root causes were not important.
From geohazards and geotechnical perspectives, no one in their right geological mind would want to drill a well into such a deep-seated massive fault zone without expecting serious troubles. It was as if all the 3 Macondo well locations had been intentionally chosen at worst possible locations without taking heed of the myriad red flags on this “express highway to disaster”. It is no surprise that all the three wells turned out to be nightmare wells from hell.
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