Tuesday, December 28, 2010

BP Oil Spill: Ocean Floor is COVERED with OIL!!

The BP oil spill…did you really think it was over? Did you truly believe the ROT put out by the BO administration not long ago and the BP execs who claimed that “Mother Nature” had taken care of all of the oil and it’s nowhere to be found? If you did then consider yourself one of the Kings or Queens of FOOLS!

ABC news recently went in search of oil caused by the BP spill not long ago and they took along some experts with them. And….lo and behold…what did they find? For one thing they discovered that about 1 mile down in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico its a DEAD ZONE! This little revelation was reported on Dec. 6th of this year on the Stuart Smith Blog at:


One of the experts ABC News took along for the ride was University of Georgia professor Samantha Joye and she said the Gulf “look like everything is dead” down on the sea floor. Now when this crew went down in a submarine to actually see the ocean floor in the Gulf some thought that the floor was covered with twigs but they were not twigs at all. Rather, what they were seeing and thinking were twigs were actually dead worms! They lay in an area of about 80 square miles of what is known as the “Kill Zone” near the BP Deepwater Horizon site in the Gulf. Joye says the material is about 4 inches thick! And Joye REFUTES the BO administrations claim that the “vast majority” of the oil is magically gone. That is just one more SPIN STORY coming from the Crap House!

ABC News has found that about 5000 feet down there is oil EVERYWHERE! The government continues to maintain that the majority of the oil is gone…..MAGICALLY disappeared…..but scientist say it is NOT GONE at all but, rather, it has settled to the ocean floor in the Gulf. Further, Gulf fisherman, environmentalists, and others continue to report that oil that there IS oil out in the waters of the Gulf of Mexico and there is STILL oil coming ashore with some being in the form of tar balls. Joye says the oil is in places that nobody is looking for it and few are looking on the bottom of the ocean floor as she and ABC News did!

Now as Stuart Smith points out on his blog, “You have to wonder, if ABC can so quickly find the dead zone and an ocean floor covered with oil—aboard a US Navy vessel no less—why are the Coast Guard, NOAA, and the Obama Administration having so much trouble?” Well Stuart that would be because they DON’T want to find it! This administration has a really BAD habit of denying truth! You see Stuart, they live in IVORY TOWERS where everything is UTOPIAN and finding that “magically” disappearing oil just won’t fly in those IVORY TOWERS over at the Crap House or up on Dung Hill. :)

I have to tell you I was driving in my car the day I heard the news report on the radio saying that the administration said the BP oil has been taken care of by Mother Nature magically and that it was now all gone. In fact, I laughed so hard I had to pull off of the road! Oh yeah? Then what the hell was wrong with Mother Nature during the Exxon Valdez oil spill in Alaska and many others? Why didn’t Mother Nature clean all of those spills us? What made the BP spill in the Gulf so special? NOTHING! Nothing at all because it one more SPIN ROUNTINE from the Crap House and the BO administration! One MORE denial of truth!

Now there is MORE and, frankly, this is absolutely FRIGHTENING folks!

Notice the SIBERIAN weather that is happening right now over the US and Europe? Recall a few days ago is SNOWED in Australia even though is it summer time there? It’s as if we are entering into some sort of ice age or something and it is even snowing in places like the Carolina’s right now too! Weird no? NOT! Not if you look at some of the US NAVY charts that appeared today on Rense.com! Those charts are at:




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