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Wise Women Media for 2/6/12-Flash Silvermoon, North Florida's Psychic and Animal Communicator!

Flash Silvermoon
Flash Silvermoon

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Flash Silvermoon , North Florida’sFavorite Psychic, has served the community for 40 + years with readings that are both accurate and empowering, and she really..” tells it like it is”
Most of  Flash’s Services are available at her Melrose Office and by Phone for your convenience!
Flash is nationally known as well and is a Spiritual Renaissance Woman, the author and creator of The Wise Woman’s Tarot book and deck and the Wise Woman’s Festival, now in its 8th Year..
Flash has been working with the Tarot as a Psychic, teacher, and author for some 40 years.
Her metaphysical skills and interests are quite varied and she is equally adept at reading an Astrological chart as delivering a Past Life RegressionStone Healing, Flower Essence or Gem Elixir treatment, and of course communicating and treating the beloved animals.
She has many gifts in her skill set!
Flash not only loves animals, but she is an Animal Communicator and shares her Sanctuary, Moonhaven in Melrose, Fl with 3 cats and one Happy dog.
You can hear Flash weekly on her Internet Radio show called “What the Animals Tell Me” This show is designed to bring a deeper love and understanding between humans and animals.
Flash has appeared on many other radio programs being interviewed on her many areas of expertise, guest hosting, and doing Live -On Air readings too.
She teaches classes locally at The Moonhaven Mystery School of Earth Magic for Women, Wild Iris Books, the University of Fl. and nationally at Women’s Festivals and Conferences. You may also recognize Flash from the night stage at many of these festivals as a musician.
Music was her first love and career and it has had to share space with her more esoteric pursuits.
Flash Silvermoon is a keyboard wizard,spirited percussionist,guitarist,and sings some of the most wailin’ vocals since Janis Joplin. She performs as a soloist as well as part of her band, The Blues Sisters.
Flash has been a very public figure, stirring the Kozmic Cauldron in her community, first in NYC and for the last 35 years in the Gainesville Fl. area.  She Priestessed and created the first Multi Traditional/Woman’s circle in the South called Womanspirit Rising[1990] which gave rise years later to the first of seven *Wise Woman’s Festivals *which were among the first specifically woman-centered Multi Traditional Spiritual Festivals in the South and still are.
Flashes life-work, The Wise Woman’s Tarot, is a Global Goddess book and deck as well as an excellent tool for Divination. The book is a very user friendly way to learn the skill and art of Tarot Divination, *easily the best “How To” book on the market and so much more.*
Wise Women's Tarot
Purchase Wise Women’s Tarot Now!
Because Flash honors and respects the core magic of the Tarot, this project took 25 years to complete and was a labor of love.
Flashes intent was to bring the incredible images and heritage of the Global Divine Feminine in all its multi cultural beauty into the modern world. In this way, many of the ism’s [racism,homophobia,sexism, etc.] that are so prevalent in many other decks are transmuted into colorful potent images that empower women as well as men to use their intuition to gain a greater understanding of themselves and others.
Works in progress include The Planetary Playbook, a most progressive Astrology Book including guided visualizations with accompanying  CD’s featuring Flashes performance of original Space Musiccorresponding to the astrological signs of the visualizations.  This book is filled with astrological information delivered in a most unique style.
Flash says, “I let the planets and signs essentially speak in their own voices as I do in my Astroflashmonthly astrology column.” This column appears on her website as well as in many ezines across the country for the last 13 years.
Astroflash graced the pages of the now defunct Of A Like Mind, International Magazine for Women’s Spirituality for 14 years and now is read by thousands globally  as Astroflash Monthly Horoscope ,published on some 20 or more e-zines, magazines, and BLOGS.
This is not your Mama’s Astrology!
Lifetime Companions: Love Never Dies, is one of Flashes latest books about healing work with her animals as well as special tales of healing within wild animal sanctuaries.
Another focus of this work is the particular relationship of reincarnation and our animals.
Flash explains, “This knowledge can go a long way towards healing the pain that we all feel when we lose these important parts of our families …”
An excerpt from Lifetime Companions, called, Living With the Mare Goddess Chinamoon, is featured in an anthology called Angel Horses: Divine Messengers of Hope.

“Temple of Isis is a channeled book about my Past Life as a Priestess in the Temple of Isis. This volume is a Spiritual journey full of lessons, adventure and erotica..awaiting publication!*”
Brand New
E Book Janis Joplin and Me 40 Years of Music and MagicThe Real Story About her Life and Death, 40 years of Spiritual Communication  with Flash Silvermoon
See The Moonmarket and special post about these mystical tales.
All an all, Flash lives a full and fascinating life.

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What the Animals Tell Me – Radio Show Flash Silvermoon Internet Radio Show What the Animals Tell Me every Wed 8:30-9PM EST Live Feed and Listen to my Archives anytime! Nationally renown Animal Communicator,Vibrational Healer,Psychic and Author Flash Silvermoon presents this wonderful show.
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