Wednesday, February 29, 2012

TRUE BLUE CIRCLES--Bracelets for a Healthy, Blue Gulf of Mexico

A fundraising effort for those who support a healthy Gulf of Mexico Region.
The idea for the TRUE BLUE CIRCLES is the brainchild of Anita Stewart, Gulf Coast Activist and an effort to work simultaneously with the BLUE BULB PROJECT for the Gulf. 


Based on the fact that we are all inter-related and everything is connected, we who live here in the Gulf have made friends and developed positive relationships and contacts that we would have otherwise not made because of the crisis that has happened here. This is a way of bringing us together, so the name TRUE BLUE CIRCLES was a fit! Wearing the bracelets connects us and increases awareness to all who see us wearing them, that we need a TRUE BLUE and HEALTHY Gulf Coast Region.

25% of the proceeds will go to the Gulf Restoration Network and other Gulf Coast organizations that promote a clean and healthy Gulf.

The bracelets are simple, made of beads, shells and natural stones that are white, sand colored, blue or green, pieces of coral, glittering crystals, colored glass, simulated pearls and other beachy colors and stones and to be worn in support of a clean and blue Gulf of Mexico. 

EACH ONE IS UNIQUE and costs only $9.95! 
That price includes S and H.
Buy one for yourself or as gifts for others. 
Go to this link to purchase:

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