Friday, February 17, 2012

Wise Women Media for 2/20/12-Guest Trisha Springstead, RN Gulf Coast Activist

Trisha Springstead, RN, MS Biological Science
Trisha Springstead is a Registered Nurse licensed in Florida. She was trained in medicine at Loma Linda University, UCSB and Riverside State College. With over 36 years in the medical field, she's worked in a myriad of specialties and was clinical educator for two HMA Hospitals and an administrator. She was trained under Arnel Lingdren, a highly respected scientist in Dark Field Microscopy and Nutrition.
Trisha has US Patents and Trademarks on many lines of all botanical and non GMO Skin Care products with US Patent Number #7060306. She is the CEO for Springstead, LLC.  
She has received many reports from people all over the world who have been poisoned with Morgellons Disease, Lyme Disease and many other conditions and she has attempted and continues to help these special patients with the assistance of sympathetic doctors. 
Currently Trisha has been a very vocal advocate for the rights of humans who are being poisoned by the ongoing Gulf Oil Spill Crisis and those suffering from the BP Gulf Oil Plague. She has worked with Dr Tom Termotto, BK Lim, Trisha James, Anita Stewart and many other other Gulf Region medical professionals and environmental and social justice activists.
She continues to be a highly vocal advocate for recognition and care for those suffering with unexplained illnesses and different degrees of environmental toxicity.
She will not be silenced!
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