Monday, February 28, 2011

Sick People in the Gulf Region are Speaking Out

"I have been tested and I, Heather Dixey have these chemicals in my blood. I have not worked the clean up and have not eaten seafood since the oil hit my area. In fact I have been out of the area for two months over the summer to detox from being violently ill..."
Posted on Heather Dixey's FB page.
You can see Heather on FB here:

Dr. Wilma Subra speaks on oil toxicity on this video:
Principle Speaker for the Truth Out for the Gulf Forum
Dr. Wilma Subra, Louisiana physiological biochemist interviewed in the award-winning documentary "Gasland," will report on her recent blood test results on the residents of the Gulf Coast. Tests most Doctors refuse to perform, tests lawyers disbelieve, tests that prove that Corexit is making it's way into our food supply. She is founder and president of the Subra Company of New Iberia, LA. She has been providing blood testing to those exposed to the dispersant Corexit to provide proof the chemicals are finding their way into the seafood and into our bodies.
More info:
Filmed February 5th 2011.

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