Sunday, February 20, 2011

February 16, 2011 James Catfish Miller is in the Hospital Again!!!

James aka "Catfish" Miller was re-admitted to Biloxi Regional Hospital again on Tuesday, February, 15th. This was his third trip to the hospital. He entered the hospital uncontrollably nauseous, vomiting and foaming at the mouth. He vomited for 2 days straight before going to the hospital. He had blurred vision (vertigo), was sweating profusely and finally had to return. They couldn't stop the nausea there either and it took over 1 1/2 days for the hospital to get control of it. He had nothing to eat for a period of 7 days!!!!. They had to re-hydrate him, pump him with Vitamin B-12, potassium, steroids, and saline. He was dehydrated, his platelets were all out of balance. White and red blood cell counts were off as well.

Video by Denise Rednour.

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