Thursday, February 10, 2011

Paul Doomm, possibly a victim of BP and our GOVERNMENT and the Gulf Oil Gusher

22 Year Old Paul Doomm from Florida traveled to Wilma Subra, MD's health forum in New Orleans on 2-5-11. Paul apparently was chemically poisoned by Oil & Dispersants after swimming in the Gulf at Navarre Beach, FL and Eating seafood in July. He has now seen 93 doctors, been to 14 hospitals and has uncontrolable seizures every day. Recent scans show lesions on his brain. Prior to moving to Florida for US Marine traning Paul was a healthy young adult male.



LATEST UPDATE ON 2-7-11 by Trisha James

I just spoke with Paul and Kathy at length.  Paul is in good spirits.

When Paul arrived at the hospital in New Orleans on Feb. 5, the doctors had said "we are performing an exorcism." As we spoke, we all agreed this is very demeaning and an unprofessional manner coming from a medical doctor.

Paul had been swimming and surfing in various areas of the Gulf Coast which included Navarre Beach, the National Wildlife Preserve, Pensacola and Portofino. An independent contractor is going to lay out 115 feet of boom in these areas. This boom draws water samples, as well as pulls out the oil and corexit in the areas.

Matt Smith from PGI will also be helping Paul with additional testing - PH levels and Corexit in Paul's system. When Paul's blood pressure rises, Kathy knows that her son will soon start seizing which is at around 110. Kathy is an RN and has been specifically told that "she knows too much."  Honestly, the doctors don't want people like Kathy around them.

As soon as Paul arrived back home in Navarre on early Sunday morning, his nose started stuffing up. He is also very "light sensitive" which may have affected his seizure at Truth Out in NOLA. The camera lighting was very bright, as it had bothered me also.

Starting tomorrow we should be paying close attention to the national media as Paul will be reporting on NBC, MSN and CNN. 20/20 has time constraints and requested he travel for their interview. I really don't understand why a webcam would not suffice, but that's just my opinion. One of the reporters even asked Michelle if Paul was faking it (as I shake my head with that absurdity.)

Paul has also been contacted by France and Greece, which could lead to future medical endeavors.

On Wednesday Paul will be travelling back to NOLA for interviewing. Paul will also be the recipient of a 6-month herbal treatment.

I, as a fellow Navarrian, will be keeping close tabs with the Doomm family. I will be there for them if they need me, and in turn, I will also be following up to check on Paul's status.

May God Bless this sweet young man and his loving family!


Shelly said...

I'm so sorry for this young man!!! He has serious brain injury and the nexus with his direct exposure to toxic chemicals during the Gulf oil spill says it all!
However, I think he may need much more than herbal remedies? He needs to be in a Environmental Medicine bio-detox center. Also, did they ever get the results back on his VOC/petroleum hydrocarbon tests?? I would be very curious to know those results.
Bless him, his family & friends!!

Anita Stewart said...

Shelly, I am so glad U asked. I just posted on my FB page the following information and intend on doing a story about this tomorrow:

This is found on:

Paul Doomm was in a NOLA hospital today for testing, per article below, he was 2 be placed in medically induced coma. We got word earlier that he would be placed in the psych ward...3 of us started calling the media and we all spoke to the hospital administrator. We feel we averted a disaster. They wanted to silence Paul, we were not going to let that happen!

The reason that I posted this is because it is a human rights violation and more and more people in the Gulf Region are experiencing a lack of concern from the medical industry. Their doctors are calling them crazy instead of finding out wh...y they are symptomatic. The doctors in most cases refuse to associate the symptoms of chemical poisoning with what is happening in real time in the Gulf of Toxico. Just like we who are reporting on this are called conspiracy theorists by most. Paul was a healthy young man heading into the Marines before he swam in the water. For the media and our own government at all levels to refuse to admit something is wrong in our environment and that people are sick and dying is a crime against humanity. This is chemical and corporate ecocide and genocide...there is no other way to explain it or use other terminology.

Might I add that putting Paul in a psych ward would serve their SILENCE him permanently.

His tests came back, highest PAH measurement for a human...EVER!

***I will be providing updates as soon as I have them...

Bless you, please pass the word!