Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Paul Doomm to be placed in medically induced coma (VIDEO)

FEBRUARY 16TH, 2011 AT 06:01 AM
Paul Doom [sic] was the young man in the wheelchair at a recent Gulf Coast Forum, who bravely spoke up to tell the world how he has been afflicted with brain lesions, paralyzed in his left leg, and multiple daily seizures as a result of swimming in the Gulf of Mexico in Florida following the BP Oil Disaster.
Tonight, February 15, 2011, we have been notified that Paul has been hospitalized and is being placed in a medically inducted [sic]coma so that doctors can try to help him.
Please pray for Paul, and please share this note on your wall. Paul wanted the world to know how ill he is because of the BP Oil Disaster, and we can help deliver his message for him by spreading this note, and his video.
If you have not seen the video from the forum earlier this month, please watch this now. Please post this on the walls of all of your local elected officials and demand that the people of the Gulf Coast receive help and medical assistance immediately. There are many, many people who are sick and suffering in the Gulf states. Please help them, and please pray for Paul and his family. Bless you all.
Please read this on FLORIDA OIL SPILL LAW:

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