Thursday, January 27, 2011

Since You Can't Save Them All......

Tiny creatures have invaded the beaches of SW Florida. While biologists don't know exactly why, algae bloom and/or recent cold weather is thought to be responsible for at least some species of clams, starfish, and prehistoric-looking horseshoe crabs littering the beaches.

Wanting to observe the phenomenon myself, I took a walk, thinking perhaps I'd find a few additional exotic shells for my small collection.

I was stunned at the hordes of colorful little domiciles along the shoreline. Stepping carefully around and over them, I couldn't believe how many lovely shells were washing ashore, including the beautiful orange and brown Fighting Conchs that one doesn't often see intact upon the sand.

It's illegal in Florida, however to walk away with someone else's property, including that of shell-dwelling sea creatures. All I could do was marvel at how many were struggling to move their homes back to the water, a near impossible task as the surf continually pushed them back on the beach.

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