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by Vickie Manning Perrin on Monday, January 24, 2011 at 10:58am

I am no writer, what I am is an observer. What I have seen over the last few months is very sad to say the least. It's bad enough we are being lied to on a regular bases by the people who are in charge of this world we live in.They sadly would not know the truth if jumped up and bit them in their own a**. But they honestly think that the majority of the people believe them, sadly that is the only truth they have. When did the people  become so blind? How can they not see things for what they really are? When did the people of this world become so complacent? When did they stop asking and questioning what is really going on? How could we have put so much control into the hands of so many untrustworthy people? When we all wake up from this nightmare and decide NO MORE? When it's too late? When we can not change it because it is too far gone? That's what i see, I see the future as it has been for awhile now. We wake from our slumber and sit and whine because it's too late to change it. We should have done something long ago but we were too busy at that time.

I am not and will not judge anyone for their choices.That is not in my power, I do not have that right.What right I do have is to judge myself. To take a long hard look at myself and make sure I have done right.Can I live with the decisions I have made through out this disaster I have been involved with for 9 months 4 days. Can I walk with my head held high? Have my words or my actions helped and not hurt people involved in this fight. Have I fought hard enough for the greater good? Have I treated people with the same respect I expect from them for myself? Can I lay my head upon my pillow at night, close my eyes, and rest with a clear mind,heart, and soul? I believe this is a question so many in this fight need to ask themselves every night. As long as you have peace in that answer ,whatever it may be , then I believe you are good with you.But if you find yourself questioning anything you may have done or said them my friend I say to you this,Make peace with yourself and your maker. Figure out how you can make the wrong  RIGHT!!! Learn something from every mistake you make. Take that lesson and apply it to the next situation that comes at you. Remember this : When you close your eyes for the final time the only thing that goes with you is what is in your soul. You take no fame, no money, no personal possessions all of that stays here. What you leave behind is as important as what you take with you. By this I mean your legacy is it what you want the most important people in your life to be proud of  you for.Ask yourself this everyday, Did I somehow leave this day with more positive than negative.If this is my last day here on this earth will my family and friends be proud of me? Can I walk into the light with peace in my soul.

With every action you will get a reaction...Hummm what a great phrase..Let me explain myself you see they say if your action is always a positive action you will get a positive reaction, not necessarily.Yes to my complete disbelief and I am sure to yours a most positive action,event,words, whatever, I have witnessed bring about the most negative of reactions. This along with everything else negative in this fight for some of the simplest of things like human rights has affected me to the core. I sit in a state of disbelief 90% of the time as I watch so many people who started this with all good intentions just make some of the worst choices for themselves and the well being of others. Where have the morals of the masses gone? When did the higher power die and make you in charge of all of humanity.Again soul check here people.

When you sit upon a thrown built by yourself and judge everyone and everything all I can say to that is "WOW"!!! That scares me as it should you.We are all human , some more than others, but still human. We are going to make mistakes , judge yourself alone on those decisions.Leave the judgment of others to the one appointed for the job. NOT YOU!! Karma has it's way of making the rounds. Keep in mind what karma it is you want for yourself. Maybe that will somehow help you make different choices sometime.

There are so many things I can think of that need to change. So many things needing to be done.We are 9 months into this and really have no more answers than we did 8 months ago, that fact is very sad. Because had the RIGHT things been done from the start we could be so much further in this fight.We could have tons more answers then the same questions. The blame for this problem well I am sure I could sit here for days placing blame where it belongs in each and every single part of this whole situation but what will it do for moving ahead? We all know what needs to be done.We all know what we need to do as an individual, we all know what needs to be done as a society. We as a collective already know the answers to the problems. Our biggest problem is being aloud to carry out the right solutions. Those of you on ground floor of this fight know exactly what I mean.Sadly enough the powers in charge will only allow what they deem allowable. Whether that be the right thing or the wrong. You see with them it isn't a matter of right or wrong, it is about what fits their agenda. If your solution isn't a value part of their puzzle then i am sorry it doesn't fit. So at that point do we just give up, do we just resolve ourselves to the fact they win. No never of coarse not. But we have to ban together stop the separation put the egos aside OMG can't you see that's how they have been able to win. That's how they play they count on the masses eating each other like wolves. The separation of the packs and the pitting against each other,the hey you what are you doings.The I have done this. Instead of the gather of the masses to say "HEY YOU THIS IS RIGHT, THIS IS WHAT NEEDS TO BE DONE .WE PUT YOU IN CHARGE WE WILL TAKE THAT POWER AWAY UNLESS YOU DO THE RIGHT THING. If we can all somehow come together WE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD!!! JUST SAYIN' 

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