Friday, June 4, 2010

Tampa Bay Urban Permaculture Certificate Design Course

Learn to work with nature instead of against her to increase abundance in your life. Professional Permaculture Certificate Design Course offered in Tampa Bay area this fall - every second weekend starting 25 September, 2010, from 9-6 PM.

* Garden naturally and organically
* Green your home
* Enjoy sustainable and stable local economies
* Create conscious community and strong beneficial networks
* Learn about the best alternative energy solutions
* The secrets of consciously designing your life
* And much more

Experts in food forestry, green building, alternative energy, financial permaculture, sustainable community building and more will show you how to design every aspect of your life to live more sustainably and achieve a higher quality of life. This course emphasizes sustainable and regenerative solutions for urban environments. List of instructors will be provided shortly.

Graduates will complete a professional permaculture design in teams, with mentoring, and will receive a professional certificate upon completion of the course requirements.

The course will be taught over six weekends at various "green" locations in the Tampa Bay area. Information will be interspersed liberally with hands on projects, community building and networking and field trips.

We are applying for college credits for the course and expect to have a course number shortly - credits will be accepted at any Florida University.

In conjunction with this course we will offer a number of other programs including weekend workshops covering specific skill sets, apprenticeships and film showings.

In addition, we offer after course mentoring, career counseling, and network support (see our "Grads in Action" for some examples). Though many students simply want the knowledge to apply to their own homes and neighborhoods, a number of our students are making money using permaculture design and we support that in whatever way we can do so.

Early bird tuition: $1050

After Aug 15: $1200

Fees include course pack, resource data base and other extras.

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