Sunday, June 6, 2010

Arianna Battles Liz Cheney Over Gulf Spill, Halliburton, Gaza Crisis On 'This Week' (VIDEO)

3700 operational oil platforms are allowed to be in the Gulf of Mexico, with no oversight, no weighing out the risks, no back up plans and no accountability. This happened way before all three Bush's took office. Every single one of our representatives have taken BIG OIL money. This has nothing to do with political party and EVERYTHING to do with our present state of government. Blaming Bush/Cheney for this is not accurate. It has to do with every single president and every single congress going for many years back in our recent history. Let's get it right and hold our government and leadership accountable for these crimes against humanity. People will be ill and die from this in addition to the destruction of our Gulf and the flora and fauna there. This is called eco-cide and it is happening in many places around the globe. Because we Americans are proud and haughty, we never thought it could happen to us...we thought our government would protect our best interests. But no because $$$ is their bottom line...
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