Friday, February 8, 2013

ON FLORIDA'S WATER by Sonny Vergara: Bob Graham "We now face one of the greatest emergencies in Florida's modern history."

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The Florida legislative session is about to begin.  If last year and the year previous is any indication, Floridians concerned about their state’s natural systems (springs, rivers, lakes, wetlands, woodlands, marshes, beaches, aquifers, habitats, wildlife, and all such characteristics that make Florida uniquely what it is) are being advised to update their legislative contact lists and get active so state elected officials will feel the passion of the people’s concerns loud and personal, just like the they feel from the hundreds of lobbyists already engorged in T-Town.

In a letter published this morning by the Florida Conservation Coalition, former Florida Governor and U. S. Senator, Bob Graham, expressed concern that, “Our prized and supposedly well-protected rivers and springs are ‘sick’ from pollution and in need of restoration and protection by our state agencies and a legislature that shares our citizens’ concerns and determination to correct the current abuses of negligence.”

He described the situation as, “… one of the greatest emergencies in Florida’s modern history.”

Referring to an earlier letter published by the Orlando Sentinel and Tampa Bay Times, Graham’s letter today is an urgent appeal for all concerned Floridians to contact their state legislators and urge them to restore and protect what's left of Florida's natural environment.

“Our State legislators will more likely act to protect our environment if they know that concerned Floridians are paying attention to how they perform and will hold them accountable,” he said.

“The upcoming 2013 legislative session will be a critical juncture in the movement to protect and restore our natural resources”
– Bob Graham

He asks for summaries of citizens’ visits with legislators along with their comments and concerns to be forwarded to the FCC.

Governor Graham’s letter can be found in full at along with his letter of January 30, cosigned with Nathaniel Reed, FCC Vice Chair and former South Florida Water Management District Board member. 

Reed is widely known for his concerns for natural Florida and served as Assistant National Secretary of Interior for Fish, Wildlife and National Parks under Presidents Richard Nixon and Gerald Ford.

So … get that list ready and prepare to be heard and seen.
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