Tuesday, October 11, 2011

Unity and the Occupy Movement

Unity and the Occupy Movement: “The World vs Wall Street”
On thing is clear regardless of where you look, the occupy movement displays unity above all else.  Whether black or white, gay or strait, male or female, young or old, even rich or poor, people everywhere are united behind this movement despite the claims it has no agenda worth standing behind.  Why is this? Why has the Occupy Movement galvanized so many people literally the world over?

Here as I write this there is a petition being passed around the world “The World vs Wall Street” https://secure.avaaz.org/en/the_world_vs_wall_st/?alRxhcb. A video ticker is displaying the number of signers to the passers by and has reached an astonishing 523,000 signers. When I signed it this morning it was at 460,000 which is a 63,000 increase in less then 12 hours.  A global revolution in consciousness is underway, and the United States the is the keystone in a world wide bridge of personal freedom for all mankind.  For what has been happening for this generation has also been happening to our fathers and mothers, their fathers and mothers, across all of our history.
Oppression these days is quiet, subconscious and a disease of ignorance.  We the people of this world have let our selves be enslaved by ignorance and subjected to tyranny with out ever leaving our living rooms.  
What is there to protest about? For those of you who don’t know, literally every facet of our lives is being tampered with by the so called 1%. 1.5 million people were diagnosed with cancer in the US alone last year, and you may not know that cancer is completely curable and has been for years.  I originally became aware of this by discovering a man who cured cancer in 1928, Dr. Max Gerson.  He was so successful at curing this disease and many other “incurable” diseases he testified before congress in 1946 and his life saving and prolonging research was deemed un-adoptable because no cure could ever be taken seriously unless a drug could be prescribed to make money from it.  Dr. Gerson’s treatment involved eating only organic juices and a strictly controlled diet while eliminating toxins.  Which one of you has lost a friend or relative to cancer in your life time?  There have literally been 100,000,000 people killed needlessly since the start of the 20th century from cancer; threw society wide ignorance and institutional close-mindedness.  And this is just the beginning.  Our money masters have kept us in a prison of ignorance for generations and now, this very moment the entire world is waking up to it.  
Unity has been the common element threw out. I am the owner and president of my media company, Mad Latino Studios, which I run it with my boyfriend Julian.  He went to record Occupy Tampa and documented what he could on the 6th of October.  During the General Assembly I was amazed at the unity of movement members. The voices where literally reverberating off the buildings and I hazard to guess the entire downtown area could hear the people there, there voices being heard in offices.  People can not escape the truth anymore and each one of us who exposes our brothers and sisters to the truth is a participant, even if you never set foot on a sidewalk.  When the orator was speaking of behavior he said “remember we are not hear to hate, we are here to love.”  Immediately after everyone erupted in cheers and was it definitely the most boisterous round of cheering of that assembly. It will be love and forgiveness which ultimately free us from the centuries of oppression, Power to forgive ourselves for letting it happen, and forgive humanity for participating in it. 
So often I hear coworkers or friends say.. “there is no agenda, what are people protesting about?” There is so much in disharmony in our world how can you not protest? How can you think about the future of this world and your children and not want to get out on the side walk and say “im not going to take it anymore!! Its time we got up and stopped relying on others to change this world!!”  That is the essence of everything, self empowerment.  We are capable of so much its staggering, if we only take up the torch and stand tall, mountains will be moved. 
So often I hear people remark about what one person did, or what one group said and how they can not stand behind something like that.  No revolution has ever emerged into the collective consciousness ready made.  It took people standing up and making their voices be heard which alchemized the movements into cohesive waves of change. The Occupy movement is in its infancy, it is taking baby steps. I would say the single most important thing right now is spreading awareness.  Awareness that this movement is for everyone, not even just the 99%, the entire population of planet earth is affected, and it require all of us to keep it changed once this happens.  The most important thing is to wake everyone up to the truth, you have always been free, and we do not need a law, or a majority vote or even a constitution to tell us that.  It is our god given right as beings of this universe and only you by you can keep you in prisoned. 
So are you going to wait off on the sidelines for a ready made movement to form? Are you going to comment and complaining about it not going your way and do nothing to make your voice heard?  Are you going to help make history?

Justin Deschamps
October 10, 2011

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