Sunday, October 30, 2011

The RAID on OT that did NOT happen!

Original messages on this were not retweets but messages posted right on Twitter and then FB. Text as follows at

“Occupy Tampa is being raided…..Occupiers at curtis hixon park need access to trucks and storage Immediately!!!!”

This same message also ended up on OCCUPY TAMPA’S FB page and was posted from the admin side. There were 87 comments on this. (Gregory P. deleted the one on FB, he said he did not have access to Twitter).

Amos M. said he was listening to WMNF when someone called in and said the encampment was being raided. He noted that on FB.

Sean Kinane (news director) contacted me in a FB private message and I told him that no one could confirm that a raid had taken place, no press release, still shots or video and no phone calls or confirmation on LIVESTREAM.

In the meantime, Livestream chat was being taken over by trolls.

Also got the following in a text message to my phone from number 360-268-3453 at 12:34PM today (the person who has that phone number is one of the people infiltrating OT): “TAMPA: THE RAID IS OVER. EVERYTHING WAS TAKEN SAFELY TO STORAGE. THANK YOU FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT AND HELP.”

I am sure others got this text message as well. Go over what language is used in communication and in what context. Please figure out who has possibly infiltrated you and limit access on the social networks to those that you know really well. Change passwords often. Know who is standing next to you. They may not be who they say they are.

Anita Stewart

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