Friday, June 10, 2011

The Truth Kindra Arnesen

Today no one knows what the total impact on the Gulf & any and all the Gulf supports, by the BP blow out will be. Corruption is a CRIME AGAINST HUMANITY ( Obama's words). Fact is the entire time the disaster in the Gulf has unfolded, we have witnessed more corruption than we knew exisited in OUR government. I believe we have a human right to clean air, clean water, clean food, & to live with the security our tax dollars pay for. Before 4-20-10, I felt that our government was doing their job. We were busy working, rebuilding, & raising our family. I thought pay my taxes, raise productive members of society, and help those in my path, I was living the AMERCIAN DREAM. Them WAM BP!!!I thought if I went to their meetings voiced my concerns along side my fellow citizens that Washington would hear what was really going on & they would stand & do the job they were elected to do. I am a much different person today then I was before BP. Today I am well aware that our federal government is NOT OURS, they are bought & paid for reps of corporations, & banks, from all over the globe. The whole bunch of em are sell outs!!
       Last year when this all started I went to my local officals and begged them to evacuate the women elderly and children from Plaqumines Parish, they did not want to cause a state of panic, now we 3 in 5 are sick, most are children, I have brought this issue to everyone & have recieved only brush offs from those paid to look out for us & our communities. We have had no luck with doctors only many rounds of antibiotics has been the  BLANKET TREATMENT across the Gulf Coast with little to no sucess. Before doctors can be sufficent in treating patients along the Gulf they need proper training, but until our Federal Officals ADMITT THAT PEOPLE ARE SICK FROM THE CHEMICALS BP FOGGED US WITH this training will not take place, bottom line is people continue to suffer. Is this acceptable????
 Fineburg made a statement saying he recieved no health claims, we  in this area have no knowledge of a system set up within GCCF that takes health claims now if they in fact have a system set up to pay health claims that is news to me. The only things I am aware that GCCF has a system for is income claims & food claims for those who can't eat the seafood that everyone else can eat. Fineburg has done everything he can to paint the claimants as criminals fraudlent criminals. Trust that before we are made whole Fineburg will be retired,dead of old age or both. SO whats the point, we have no choice but to see this to court. Who knows maybe we will recover 13% a lil more then the Valdez survivors recovered ya thats right they recovered 12% of their losses and most of them are dead.
Fineburg is not our hope or our future my advice to everyone is hire an attorney.
  They say its BACK TO BUSSINESS IN THE GULF, that everything is fine.
When shrimp season opened in August everyone was hopeful, we learned quickly that their were very few small shrimp so future crops will see an impact, August season ended around the last week of Novemberfirst week of December. Then we waited in January dead dolphins, turtles, fish, starfish, seahorses, etc washed up all over the shoreline of the Northern Gulf coast this continued trough Febuary March and April, not sure how much of each or how much continues to wash up dead. May 16th  brown shrimp opened the fleet poored out into the bayou, soon we heard back small loads were coming in usually a small boat catches 3000 to 4000 lbs the first day this year they were coming in with 300, 500lbs no loads just dissapointment. Shark season opened back in March most of the fleet was tied up after the first week of going in the hole there wasn't enough sharks to pay the fuel. We don't know what as a fishing community holds.
 Now the fishermen are being blamed for the deaths of the turtles washing ashore. WOW!!! Everyone reffers to this BP mess as a year ago people seem to forget that the blow out wasn't shut off untill July 2010 only 5 1/2 months before the dead sealife started to wash ashore in record #s . NOAA put it out there that fishermen are breaaking the TED (Turtle Excluder Device) law, NOAA has charged, convicted, & hung the fishermen out to dry NOAA has painted our fishermen as comon criminals with no day in court  NOAA has slandered fishermen since NOAA's very begining. Kick them when their down. How is it that NOAA scientist can say that tissue samples are not back yet turn around and put the blame on fishermen. SHAME SHAME SHAME, NOAA, SHAME SHAME SHAME!!!
 Last but not least the others who have joined the ban wagan of NOAA & slandering our fishermen, SHAME SHAME SHAME, I feel sorry for those who set out everyday to take out the small guy because they do not have the backbone to face the real problem. SHAME SHAME SHAME!!! try growing a backbone and placing the blame where it should be. SHAME SHAME SHAME
 I mean what did our fishermen ever do to anyone to deserve the flow of crap that people send their way. Our fishermen provide a food source for our country and have for generations. And I am dam proud to be the wife of a commercial fisherman and always will  be he is not a criminal but a family man who woks hard to provide a good life for our family, He helps those in his path is a wonderful parent, & partner. O & he pays his taxes. So before jumping in and pointing the finger @ our fishermen I ask you this consider the truth for once instead of the crap our officals are feeding you. God bless you and yours. 
                                        Thank You, Kindra Arnesen

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