Friday, June 10, 2011

Is our water safe to drink?

According to the city of St. Petersburg, it is. They have sent out their 2010 Water Quality Report for everyone to review and though they are patting themselves on the back, the information could give you goose bumps.
The report was rather sketchy in the beginning when it states, “The work begins with the Cosme Water Treatment Plant operators who monitor the incoming blend of water and treat it accordingly.” After reading the statement one is left to ask, where is this water coming from, what do they mean by blend of water, and what are they treating it for?
The Cosme Water Treatment Plant that maintains the water in St. Petersburg and several surrounding counties is located in Odessa, Florida. That plant has approximately forty-seven employees, and it is a private company categorized under Sewage Disposal Systems.
The contaminants posted were in some cases surprising. Strangely there is up to 20 percent of sodium. Then there were the findings of 5.06 percent of bromate, 14.6 percent of haloacetic acids, and 18 percent of trihalomethanes, which are the by-products of drinking water disinfectants used in our daily tap water. Yet, that isn’t nearly as alarming as the 2.8 percent of lead and 8 percent of cyanide content.
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