Friday, June 3, 2011

Toxicologist Compiles the Science Behind Oil Spill Health Concerns

As we all know, people along the Gulf Coast are still suffering effects from the events of the oil spill of 2010. For over a year now, LEAN, along with many others, have been working to bring attention to this problem and ultimately find solutions. Perhaps the greatest problem we face in trying to resolve the health concerns of those effected is finding medical professionals willing and capable of diagnosing and affectively treating these conditions.
Dr. Mike Robicheaux has been addressing this health crisis almost single handedly since last year. He, along with LEAN, has been advocating for the need for more assistance to address the needs of suffering individuals. In an effort to help educate Gulf residents and physicians interested in learning more about the health effects of exposure to crude oil, toxicologist Dr. William Sawyer created the following two documents. These documents describe both the acute and long-term health effects of exposure to crude petroleum hydrocarbons. This information has been compiled from  peer-reviewed, scientific epidemiological studies. The findings of these studies lend credence to the unfortunate symptoms voiced by suffering individuals whom so far have received little relief.

Acute Symptoms

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Download PDF - Short Term Health Effects
Read more and check out the LONG TERM EFFECTS at the link below or go to the pdf file by clicking on the picture above:

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