Friday, December 5, 2014

WISE WOMEN MEDIA for December 5th, 2014--Two Special Guests Deevon Quirolo on OPEN PIT MINING in Hernando County, Florida and Ilona Watzlawick on MONEY IS PASSE

Be sure to join us tonight for these two enlightening interviews!
This is a pre-recorded show. We will broadcast at 10PM EST on Friday night, December 5th, 2014.

10 to 1030PM EST
Cemex, a Mexican company is planning to do open pit, blast mining near residential areas, green protected areas and near a local hospital in Hernando County, Florida, north of the Tampa Bay metro area. Deevon will tell us about the grassroots movement and the people power to halt these plans and why mining is not a good idea in Hernando County.

1030 to 11PM EST
Ilona Watzlawick--MONEY IS PASSE
Money is not relevant any longer, it is now PASSE. So 20th century! Let that sink in a moment! Ilona will speak on why this is so, about the addiction to money as the real root of all evils, what we need to do to plan on our very own survival without it, ways we can acquire what we need for our households, barter services, exchange, re-purpose and more! Ilona’s concepts will change the way you look at money.

***Remember, it is just a conversation!

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