Friday, March 14, 2014

WISE WOMEN MEDIA for March 14th, 2014--MIC CHECK and Cosmic Happenings with Anita Stewart and Gwen Barry!

ANNOUNCEMENT: My apologies to our listeners last night, we had a DDOS attack/hack last night during the show. Gwen and I were finally able to get underway about 38 minutes into the program. So if you listen to the archive, slide the player up to 38 minutes to hear the very beginning our gabfest, we had fun talking for almost 2 hours! Before that, BlogTalkRadio had some very cool jazz music!

Again, apologies and we will be back next week with a great program! My guest will be Joy Towles Ezell and we will be discussing the critical issues with Florida's Water.

The link to last night's show is here:

We broadcast LIVE on Friday, March 14th, 2014 at 10PM EDT.

(Use the same link to get to the archived show after the live broadcast.)

Join us in the CHAT ROOM, call in or email your questions to
Call in number is (213) 816-0357

Tonight's show will be a lively conversation with Anita Stewart & Gwen Barry! We will cover SPRING, the current Cardinal Grand Cross in the sky, the upcoming Ostara Esbat, Politics and of course, the Newsworthy Stories of the day. No topic is taboo!

See you on the radio! Remember, it's just a conversation!

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