Friday, August 2, 2013

Wise Women Media for August 2nd, 2013--OPEN MIC CHECK--NEWS AND COMMENTARY!

See our show, the call in number, join our CHAT ROOM and link up to the archived shows at

We broadcast at 10PM EST. Call in number: (213) 816-0357.

Also use the link above to check out the ARCHIVE of the show later, AFTER the LIVE BROADCAST.

Tonight will be an OPEN MIC CHECK. 

This was a huge week for news and we have so much to review and comment on. Please join us, check into our CHAT ROOM or call us to speak LIVE on any issue that you think is important. 

Some issues might be, TOXIC BEACHES, NO NUKES IN LEVY COUNTY, the Snowden Affair, the Dream Defenders and STAND YOUR GROUND and so much more! We may have a guest or two and if we don't the guest will be YOU!


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