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FLORIDA'S SEAFOOD SAFETY: The State of Florida EPA, Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam and other Elected officials, Seafood Safety Experts and The People of the State of Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, HBO, the BBC and the Press

From: Trisha Springstead <>
Date: Wed, Aug 28, 2013 at 5:49 PM
Subject: Fwd: Florida's seafood safety Amended Version Final
To: The State of Florida EPA, Agriculture Commissioner Adam Putnam and other Elected officials, Seafood Safety Experts and The People of the State of Florida, Alabama, Mississippi, Louisiana, HBO, the BBC and the Press

To Whom it May Concern:   

In light of a Committee that was put together for independent testing, I am going to have to officially disagree with your stance on the Safety of the Gulf and the Seafood. Did the State of Florida really believe that they were going to receive the truth after BP funded all of the Studies including the National Institute of Health?  It is unfortunate that the NIH study is going to take 10 years because we do not have 10 years.  Corexit does not correct anything,  it is an Orwellian term that has a number of politicians very deluded. 

Unfortunately Corexit combined with Oil has some very dangerous effects as you will see by the attached report.  

BP has paid 600 million in Advertising to Lie to the American public and to you.

NOAA used the incorrect equipment when sampling and the people do not trust the State of Florida, to look at the fishing problem and the health of the People of the Gulf.

I have supplied the information, in the link below:

You may also wish to read the most current articles from Dr Wilma Subra, Dr Riki Ott, the Louisiana Environmental Action Network,  the Earth Organization and the  the brave scientists who took the time to really test the waters appropriately.

We went over the NOAA research and it was skewed, unfortunately they used the wrong products to put sampling into and did not use the correct equipment. 

You may also wish to contact University of Florida and read their latest report on the Oil in Sediment in Tampa Bay, per the Tampa Bay Times and the article by Craig Pittman:

I have samples from Franklin County and Eastpoint. Until the State of Florida admits there is a problem, we will continue with independent research.  The health of the people are at stake and so is tourism. It also appears that our Governor is not doing his job adequately. I am one of thousands of people in Florida who are against Big Oil; we have solutions for clean up and there are alternative fuels that can be instituted very easily. Our Governor Rick Scott has not been enforcing EPA standards and has a history of not being environmentally friendly.    

It appears that the study you cited was incorrect here is the correct link:

.060 PPM is the baseline.

I am including the following link: This document, entitled Toxicological Profile for Total Petroleum Hydrocarbons (TPH) is the only, definitive, peer-reviewed study we have been able to find, after over 200 hours of search during the past 4 months, which firmly establishes the threshold levels of components of crude oil that adversely affect human health.  VOC's adverse threshold level to human health is clearly determined in this 1999 EPA report. The report unambiguously states that the adverse threshold for PAH’s to human health through ingestion is 0.06 ppm (mg/kg) and for benzene (betx) is .01 ppm (mg/kg).  
It also appears that the Gulf of Mexico was Recklessly reopened to fishing and all of the links are on this blog:

Attached is a health study and Sorensens paper on the Effects of 2 Butoxyethanol which was sprayed all over the Gulf in the aftermath of the worlds largest oil Spill on Record. 

In Florida alone I have had hundreds reporting to me on illnesses just by getting in the water, Vibrio Cholera and Flesh Eating Bacteria are becoming pervasive as well as other signs and symptoms. If this is not addressed it is going to bankrupt our system and hospitals should be put on alert as to what to look for.

I do not want to argue, I just want you to please wake up and realize that the Seafood is not safe and that we must work together on this issue.   I am working with other independent scientists. After you receive  this email,  I am asking that you schedule a face to face meeting here in Florida with the People and Myself. 

On a separate note Now the Government officials want to frack Naples,  same toxicity and same poor outcome. 

I do have 2 attorneys working with me on this critical situation. I do not intend to sue anyone,  nor have I filed any claims against BP.     

Lastly, the people  that I work with want solutions and we can provide solutions but only if you admit that there is a problem, which there is. My Colleagues  Nurses,  Doctors, Scientists,  Fishermen and People who are impacted by this Oil Spill, here in Florida need to have a face to face meeting with our elected officials because I can tell you we are beginning to feel as if many of our elected officials are neglecting the people and not looking at the Human Component, nor do we feel compassion from the EPA, the State of Florida and our elected officials in regards to the People of the Gulf.  

Unfortunately,  all the meetings and my talk before the Pensacola task force yielded very little but a Cursory "Thank You." and be on your way. This is not the attitude that I would think our government would appreciate from the people nor do we the people appreciate this attitude from our officials.

Attached are a jpg, President Obama's statement (which we have not held him to) The final packet that went to DC on Oil Spill Related Illnesses and Symptoms of Oil Spill Related Illnesses. 

Unfortunately it took an Independent Panel of Scientists to prove that the First Gulf War Syndrome was real and caused by Chemicals much the same as people are being subjected to in the Gulf.  We pray it will not have to require and independent panel of Scientists to prove that harm has been done to our people and our precious Gulf of Mexico.    

You will see that some fine people contributed to this and it really is time that we begin using the correct procedures for sampling our water and not only our seafood.  

Most Sincerely, 
Patricia Springstead RN
Crystal River, Florida


James Joiner said...

You know what killed me? When Obama had the balls to let his kids swim in the gulf. He must have figured just a dip to fool the people wouldn't do any lasting time.

Trisha Springstead said...

Here is the Study on the Absorbtion of 2 Butoxyethanol in man.

Trisha Springstead said...

Here is the environmental crisis package.

Trisha Springstead said...

Hey Jim,
They did not swim in the Gulf they swam in a pond by the Marriott in Panama City. I interviewed the staff, there 2 years ago.

He Duped us also.
Thanks Trisha

Anonymous said...

I find it very alarming to know we have so many people stating our gulf is hazardous to human and animal life. What is the truth? We have reports Tampa Bay of people with flesh eating disease and other maladies that are unheard of. I have lived on the gulf my entire childhood and adult life and never heard of so much oil spilled in our beautiful waters. We are warned and the told all is okay..whats the truth? One article states 5 million barrels of crude off the coast of Louisiana last year, but now an environmental a watchdog group says the agency’s standards are “based on outdated science” and underestimate the risk of cancer-causing contaminants to pregnant women and children eating seafood from the Gulf.

What is the truth we want to know now..
Dori Bon Weeki Wachee Florida

Trisha Springstead said...


Trisha Springstead said...

Harry Rabin of one the wave productions peeking in on us from Hawaii. Having a lot of the same pro

Trisha Springstead said...

Trisha Springstead said...

Trisha Springstead said...

Even the National Institutes for Health knew those BP tarballs were filled with killer flesh eating viruses... any questions? The Deepwater Horizon Oil Spill was the largest oil spill in USA history releasing approximately 4.9 million barrels of crude oil into the Gulf of Mexico. Soon after the spill started, tar balls and other forms of weathered oil appeared in large numbers on beaches in Mississippi and Alabama. In this study, we analyzed tar balls for total aerobic bacterial (TAB) counts and also for the presence of Vibrio vulnificus, a human pathogen known to be abundant in the Gulf Coast environment and capable of causing severe wound infections by contact with contaminated surfaces. Our results showed that TAB counts were significantly higher in tar balls than in sand and seawater collected at the same location. In addition, V. vulnificus numbers were 10× higher in tar balls than in sand and up to 100× higher than in seawater. Densities of V. vulnificus were higher than 10(5) colony forming units/g of tar ball in all samples analyzed. Our data suggest that tar balls can act as reservoirs for bacteria including human pathogens.