Friday, June 7, 2013

Wise Women Media for 6/7/13--BIG OIL Comes to the Everglades, Big News Stories and OPEN MIC CHECK!

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Big news week with just a few of the stories being the Bradley Manning trial, Internet and Phone Monitoring and Spying, Governor Rick Scott signing the HB 87 Foreclosure Bill earlier today, and Big Oil prowling around near the Everglades, the main topic of our show tonight. 

Citizens are mobilizing as they do not want the wells near their homes. But it is the little communities against the major corporate conglomerates and who do we think will win in the long run? 

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Pam Duran and Karen Dwyer, longtime residents and activists from the Naples, Florida area join me for a portion of the show to fill us in on the situation there and to entertain your questions.


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