Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Declaration by Trisha Springstead, RN, MS

Photo by Anita Stewart

To Whom it may Concern, 

I have been up and down the coast of Florida, Alabama, worked with Louisiana and Mississippi and we have a huge problem. We have fish die offs, people who are ill from the effects of the incessant leaking of the gulf floor and the Dispersants.

I am an RN and a Biologist. I have spoken independently before the Pensacola task force. We need clinics for these people and the water needs Bioremediated. This can only be achieved by working in Unison. 

I work with Sustainable Agriculture, Water Bioremediation and with the people of the Gulf. If we do not acknowledge that there is a problem and do something about this problem then it is only going to get worse with each passing day. 

Now the state of Florida wants to Frack and drill some more and the Indigenous Tribes and our Country is being destroyed. When is this insanity going to stop? It is only going to stop if we Move to Amend, Change Campaign finance laws and term limits and know that Corporations, are not working for the best interests of the People and our Fragile Ecosystem. 

There are solutions and I intend to be part of that solution. I would not be writing this letter if there were not. 

How many Oyster Colony Collapses, Fish Die offs, Humans and Animals dying are we going to have for people to wake up and realize that we have hit a tipping point. 

I would suggest that you refer to my to my friends in the Gulf and Speak to the Indigenous Tribes of this country. We must finally listen to what they have to say. We are the people and we know our terrain and the disconnect between our Elected Officials is palpable. 

I would respectfully submit that you listen to we the people, for if you do not have we the people, the activists and our input then your are missing out on some very incredible discourses. 

We have a chance to support alcohol based fuel, Wind, Solar power, cisterns for Potable water. This could create far more jobs and far more Green jobs which potentially could change the world. 

Let us be part of that change. It is not a Republican issue, a Democratic issue it is a Humanitarian issue. I ask you to help us put the "Kind" , back into Man Kind. 

Lastly GMO's are making people sick and it is GMO's, Our Polluted waters, seas, air and sky that is in trouble. Chemicals are destroying people's lives, Let us get them well and recognize that when you do the right thing you have the loyalty of the people.

As a Resident of Florida, for 24 years I ask you with all gratitude to let us help the people and Save this Gulf, our waters and our lives.

Please stop the spraying of Harmful Dispersants and Fracking. I do not have another planet to go to, Do You? 

Sincerely and Respectfully Submitted, 
Patricia R Springstead RN MS