Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Wise Women Media for 6/11/12-Cancelled due to Inclement Weather

We had a band of thunderstorms roll in during the late afternoon and I was never able to upload a page that would "stick" online, so Internet was not working and it still isn't. I am typing this at the local library. We will be back next week with another show and a new guest. Please tune in and spread the word. Also see the DONATE link for WEPAY on this page and help fund this show and keep it on the air. Every little bit helps. Truth is FREE but we need FUNDS to keep it on the airwaves! Dig deep. See you next week!
Picture taken yesterday right after the rain and close to sundown. The raindrops looked like diamonds! Picture does not do the subject matter justice!
Photo by Anita Stewart

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