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WISE WOMEN MEDIA on BLOGTALK RADIO-featuring Anita Stewart

My FIRST GUEST will be CAROLYNE MAS, Rock Star, Grammy Winner and Animal Rights Advocate!

Once hailed by the press as "The Female Bruce Springsteen," Carolyne Mas was a pioneer of women's rock 'n' roll during the late seventies and early '80s. As a band leader, singer, and rhythm guitarist of a 6 piece hard-driving rock band, she recorded several albums in the US, but experienced her greatest success overseas, particularly in Germany where she lived and toured in the late '80s and early '90s. Her songs have been covered by artists around the world, most notably by the late Phoebe Snow.

Mas failed to gain the record label support she needed in the US to secure a long-term career for herself, and her last studio recording was completed in 1999. She subsequently released these recordings to her fans in 2005.

Mas left the music business and worked to support herself as anything from a go-go dancer to a cook to a car salesperson. She is a survivor of both a violent physical attack and rape which happened to her when she lived in Asbury Park during the mid-'80s.

When her father died in 2002, Mas became the matriarch of her family, caring for both her aunt and her mother who had Alzheimer's, even adopting her niece's son who had been born out of wedlock and abandoned in a hospital in Madrid, Spain.
Mas ran a sanctuary for elderly and abused animals in Florida for several years until she fell victim to an illegal seizure of her animals in 2009. In early 2010, fearing for her safety and the safety of her family, Mas moved from Florida to the desolate dessert of southeastern Arizona.

Following her mother's death at the end of 2010, Mas had no choice but to rebuild her life again from top to bottom. The way she chose to do this, was by purging her stories from the depth of her soul in a series of cathartic chapters which she developed into a memoir of her very complex life.

What Mas found by writing her book, is that there was something similar in the process to that of writing her songs; although the experiences were unique and her own, they were also quite universal to women everywhere. Her life has been a quest for acceptance as a woman both physically and emotionally. Bad choices in men, career difficulties, eating disorders, and issues of low self esteem are problems that plague women all over...and Mas experienced all of these things...but her take is unique because she sees herself as a survivor and not merely as a victim.

At 56, Carolyne Mas has at last come into her own with a sense of peace...and a hopeful eye to the future. She currently resides in rural Arizona, where she spends her time as an advocate for social change, and a mother to her young son.
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