Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The OCCUPY MOVEMENT EVERYWHERE Continues to Span Generations

My friends, longtime activists, the Nicholsons have attended the local OCCUPY TAMPA multiple times now and continue to inspire the activists and continue to BE inspired by them. Every time they attend the Occupy Tampa's General Assembly, they write a report and send it out to their local and very lengthy email list. The memes from the mainstream media continue to play out that OCCUPY EVERYWHERE is mostly comprised of young, unemployed people without goals or plans for their future. The Nicholson's are just two of the over 50 that are part of the 99% and continue to prove that activism does not end when someone reaches their golden years!

Their latest report is below:


This was our fifth visit to a General Assembly (GA) and we took Joan & Walt our friends here at Freedom Plaza with us. It was a beautiful evening and the drive was pleasant as we drove the Crosstown viewing the lights of the city. We parked in the Rivergate Towers Parking Garage and walked to the beautiful amphiteater on the Hillsborough River across from the lighted minarets of the University of Tampa.

It was after 7 pm and I knew we were late as we entered the amphiteater and were surprised to find the amphiteater empty except for two dating couples who knew nothing  about OCCUPY TAMPA. I called a friend who said " Oh Yes! They have to meet on Ashley Drive because all those who were recently arrested on dubious charges are prohibited from entering the park! I'll call them and tell them to have seating available for you when you arrive" We appreciated this as we are all in our 70's and early 80's.
We proceeded to the street level sidewalk and found the group gathered and the GA in progress .While other GA's we had attended numbered 80-200 in attendance this one had about 50 I believe. We had less than 10 minutes to watch the GA and then it was over. We were so disappointed that our guests could not get the full impact of the wonderful GA experience but they were able to participate a little in the "People's Mike" which was as always an inspiration. We spent probably another 30 minutes conversing with the Occupiers and getting to know them individually which was a joy. One of the young men David & I spoke with drives a truck for 10 hours 3 nights a week to make a subsistence living as he has no benefits and must save money for health care. He is a sincere patriot and cares deeply about this country. He had been handcuffed for responding peacefully to the Tampa Policeman who got into his face and shouted and he is one of those no longer permitted to enter this public park or the amphitheater. He is a bright courageus, soft spoken young man and we would be proud to have him as our son. There were several professonals in the group as well as tradesmen and students.

Occupy Tampa in spite of being harrassed and abused by the TPD still has the compassion and courage to help the few homeless who are in the area. Again, we applaud them! OT's committment to non-violence and raising awareness about our country's economic injustice and inequality will survive and we suggest that you visit them IF you care about restoring our country. You will be welcomed. We intend to continue our visits to OT and IF you would like to ride along let us know.

Barbara ("Bo") and David Nicholson

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