Wednesday, April 29, 2015

Challenging the Rhetoric : IS THIS THE END OF THE INNOCENCE?

Challenging the Rhetoric : IS THIS THE END OF THE INNOCENCE?


Barbara with Grand-daughter

April 29, 2015
“ Offer up your best defense this is the End of the Innocence”  Don Henley.

Barbara Bourgeois is 43 years old, a lifelong Louisiana native who has such innocence in her story that she related in regard to the “Gulf Oil Disaster.” Before the disaster Barbie raised 5 children had 2 jobs; one as a dock hand at Myrtle Grove Marina and the other as a cook at the Riverside Restaurant. She made approximately $65,000 a year owned her land and her home. Life was good, she has worked hard and loves her family and children. Life was a celebration of births, eating seafood and she was part of a culture that she loves, this was her very existence. Barbara was colorful, sweet, respectful and charming.   

When the Deepwater Horizon blew on that horrific day, she was in Gretna, Louisiana. Barbie, as she is known by friends and family, came back home to Venice on April 22, 2010. She felt guilty she told this writer because she wasn't “at home when this happened.“ She thought because she was not in Venice in the day of the blowout, that she was not due any compensation from the poisoning by BP and the constant barrage of Corexit dispersant that was in the water.  

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