Wednesday, April 16, 2014

WISE WOMEN MEDIA for April 18th, 2014--Carolyn Baker & Cheri Roberts Speaking on the Legacy of Michael C. Ruppert

We are broadcasting LIVE on Friday, April 18th, 2014 at 10PM EDT on BlogTalkRadio.
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Tonight’s show honors the legacy of one of America’s great minds, author, whistle-blower, and truth teller, Michael C. Ruppert. Carolyn and Cheri, two women who were in Michael’s inner circle, will speak about him, his projects, his website that helped people form sustainable communities called LIFEBOATS nationwide, his last days and the last radio show that was live broadcasted on Sunday, April 13th, 2014. Michael left this earth-plane later, on the same night.

Carolyn Baker, Ph.D, manages her website at and is the author of COLLAPSING CONSCIOUSLY: TRANSFORMATIVE TRUTHS FOR TURBULENT TIMES. Her previous books are NAVIGATING THE COMING CHAOS: A HANDBOOK FOR INNER TRANSITION (2011) and SACRED DEMISE: WALKING THE SPIRITUAL PATH OF INDUSTRIAL CIVILIZATION’S COLLAPSE (2009). She lives and writes in Boulder, Colorado. A former psychotherapist and professor of Psychology and History, Carolyn offers Life Coaching for people who want to live more resiliently in the present as they prepare for the future. She may be contacted at

Cheri Roberts is a 20-year media veteran, activist and published freelance writer. She is the owner of Cheri Speak Media and maintains several blogs including her main blog where she writes on myriad topics; from current events, politics and policy to writing, blogging and marketing tips.

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