Friday, January 24, 2014

WISE WOMEN MEDIA GOES GLOBAL for 1/24/14 with Emma Carroll of Sydney, Australia and a LOOK at CREATIVITY and ACTIVISM

Emma Carroll aka Earthling EmC

JOIN US TONIGHT FOR OUR FIRST GLOBAL GUEST, Emma Carroll aka the Earthling EmC from Sydney, Australia.

We broadcast tonight at 10PM EST at the following link:
(Same link if you want to join us for the archived show after the LIVE BROADCAST).

Emma and I will be speaking about how we can help spark the creative, resourceful thinking, and courage that can make us step out of the present paradigm and into the new.

 Artists, activists, parents, indeed EVERYONE have a role to play!


Emma Carroll - the earthling EmC:

Is an Australian artist and activist working with poetry and short film to propagate the message of holistic health and rediscovering our place in nature. 

Flowetry - somewhere between poetry and rap - is a way of using humor, metaphor, wordplay, rhyme and playfulness to tickle the collective consciousness. And champion the resourcefulness, courage, and indigenous wisdom that will lead us out of the savage trap of the consumer lifestyle.
Emma is experimenting with the form of film to see what really reaches people - anything from dressing as a giant chicken, to working with four year olds to tell the story of their sustainable preschool. 

Emma has invented an app - called 'RELOVE' to map and recapture hundreds of thousands of tonnes of castaway items before they can end up in landfill.
Currently in development.

Emma also works freelance as a cinematographer and traveled last year to Burma and Thailand for documentary projects.

See more of what Emma does here:

Youtube channel -

Emma Carroll

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