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Wise Women Media for 5/17/13--Special Guest Dori Bon, Independent Consultant, Sustainable Agriculture and Food Security Expert

This week's special guest is Dori Bon, a sustainable agriculture consultant who will be speaking to us about FOOD SECURITY, gardening, MONSANTO, and what she has seen around the world regarding women, who are taking ownership of feeding their families and growing their own gardens everywhere! 

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I am currently living in Hernando County Florida - with two teenage daughters. As a child I lived many places in the United States, was born in California then traveled throughout Europe and lived as a child in the Azores Islands.

I have a certificate in Horticulture Science from Edison State College, with many years as nursery - woman with knowledge specializing in tropicals and subtropical species and crop production. Later I attended Pasco Hernando Community College and Saint Leo University in pursuit of a degree in Human Services - decided that working in the agricultural world was better suited for me and changed back to my life’s path.
My adult life since the age twenty three is in the profession of horticulture. I am a past business owner, nurserywoman, florist, interior scaping, agricultural consultant, crop advisor. With an emphasis on floral, specimen and tropical species, it is my specialty to work with warmer climate agriculture. I have lectured from growing herbs, fruit trees, raised beds, orchids, greenhouse transplant growing, to preparations of seedlings to soils. Growing and preparation of greenhouses, hoop houses, hydroponics, aqua culture and vertical growing are also part of my background.

Currently I work as an Agricultural and Sustainable Farming Consultant and Coordinator for the manufacture of bio-nutrients, fungicides, organic inputs and pesticides. I work with the formulator and chemist consulting with distributors of our proven products and address farms needs world-wide. Adding to my routine, networking, and outreach classes, lecturing on sustainability public speaking and teaching best farming management skills along with one on one consulting strategies and sales.

I enjoy time with my daughters, fishing and gardening.

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