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***WISE WOMEN MEDIA is an independent channel and we do our own fundraising to cover our own expenses. We broadcast on the HERE BE MONSTERS Network.
Independent Media is how most thinking people get their news these days.

The Mainstream Media has failed us and broadcasts and writes the news that their corporate sponsors will permit “we the people” to hear.
Unfortunately, radio shows, blogs and information take hours to produce, compile and deliver to those who want to read and hear the TRUTH.
Wise Women Media was created to give an on air “VOICE” to Women over the age of 40, while we are disregarded in the job market and downplayed demographically in the media and advertising and everywhere else in our culture.
We put the spotlight on remarkable women that are over 40 years old that are SHAKING THINGS UP on a Global scale. Some of our guests: Lierre Keith, Dr. Wilma Subra, Meryl Ann Butler, Flash Silvermoon, Gwendolyn Holden Barry, Carolyn Mas, Julie Dermansky, Cherri Foytlin, Cindy Sheehan, and so many more.
On April 19th, 2013, I broadcasted a news show on Wise Women Media, the Radio Show that you would have not heard on any other channel, even on Community Radio and NPR. A show to commemorate the 3 years since the Gulf Oil Disaster and the aftermath of that event. There was an audio feed from Dr. Riki Ott, author, Environmental Activist, Toxicologist and a live guest, Trisha Springstead, RN, Radio Talk Show Host, Nurse, Patented Inventor, Activist. 
Next Friday, April 26th, 2013, my featured live guest will be Pat LaMarche, former Vice Presidential Candidate for the Green Party of the US in 2004, Radio Personality, Huffington Post Blogger, Writer and tireless advocate for the Poor and Homeless and the most critical of these victims: the forgotten children who get caught up in this desperate downward spiral of our current economy. Don’t miss this show!
If you want to hear more shows like these in the future, I urge you to help keep HOODOOED, the Blog and WISE WOMEN MEDIA, the weekly Radio Show up and running and on the air.
We have plenty of upcoming guests in store and lots of ideas for future shows. We have always welcomed suggestions for guests and live show call-ins from you, the listeners and supporters. Wise Women Media is truly your resource for news and information and belongs to you! 
But it is crunch time now and I cannot even afford to keep my Internet Service on without help from all of you. 
Won’t you please contribute to this valuable media resource and help to keep it ON THE AIR? We need your help NOW! 
Please donate to WISE WOMEN MEDIA at the following link:
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Anita Stewart
Creatrix and Producer of Wise Women Media

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