Sunday, December 2, 2012

Unfinished Business: The Unspoken Link Between Dispersants and Sick Children in the Gulf of Mexico by Dr. Riki Ott

All six of Julie Creppel's young children are sick. Vomiting. Blisters all over their bodies, even in their throats. Boils. Severe headaches that wake them up screaming at night. Nausea. Fevers. Diarrhea. Stomach spasms that contort their bodies in pain. Skin lesions. Psoriasis. Nose bleeds that gush unexpectedly. Respiratory infections. Dizziness. Sinus infections. Hand, Foot, and Mouth disease. Hair loss. And more.
The Creppels live in Boothville, La., in south Plaquemines Parrish. Area health clinics and hospitals are experiencing an influx of sick children for treatment for a range of symptoms that began after the BP oil disaster. The increase in numbers of sick children coincides with the massive spraying of toxic chemical dispersants into the water and air that began in 2010. More troubling is the fact that the children are still having these symptoms to this day.
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***Damaging Evidence, ecocide and genocide on the poisoning of the children living in the Gulf of Mexico Region.

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This child suffers from frequent spontaneous nose bleeds, a symptom consistent with chemical exposure. (photo courtesy Kindra Arnesen.)
The same child also experiences unexplained hair loss. (photo courtesy Kindra Arnesen.)

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