Friday, October 12, 2012

BAYOU CORNE: Gov’t experts now admitting “crude oil” is what’s in giant sinkhole, not diesel — Oil likely coming up side of salt dome

[... Gary Hecox, a geologist with Shaw Environmental] said that hydrocarbons pulled from inside the cavern and on top of the sinkhole are virtually identical as far as their chemical makeup.
When asked if that means it is confirmed the failure of the cavern caused the sinkhole, he said “All the data we’ve looked at so far would lead you to that conclusion, yes.” [...]
Hecox said later that, in contrast to early reports, the hydrocarbons in the sinkhole and the cavern are crude oil, not diesel, and may have come from natural oil bearing formations along the side of the salt dome. [...]
Hecox said the most likely option is that the crude oil went up the side of the salt dome into the sinkhole.
But he also said that many of the occurrences around Bayou Corne appear to be tied together.
“It is very likely the release of oil and the gas we’re seeing, the cavern collapse, and the sinkhole are all related,” he said.
The first reports noting the possibility of crude oil in the sinkhole and cavern can be found here:
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