Friday, September 28, 2012

Wise Women Media for 9/28/12-Update on Bayou Corne

CLICK HERE for the show!

We start at 11PM EST and run time is one hour.


CALL IN NUMBER is (213) 816-0357!

Join us on the CHAT or give us a ring to go ON AIR tell us about Bayou Corne.

We are taking callers during our hour long show to update us on the situation in Assumption Parish regarding the massive sinkhole caused by a salt dome "cave-in" and evacuations of residents in the area. And why isn't this story on the evening news? Find out more by calling in and please CALL IN if you have news to share! If you have something similar happening in your part of the country, we want to know about it. Join us on the call or interact with us in the chatroom!

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