Friday, August 3, 2012


Bubbling Bayous, Tremors and "Slurry Area" Signs Of Failing Natural Gas Salt Storage Caverns?

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Breaking News: Assumption Parish officials are ordering an immediate evacuation of the Bayou Corne area, effective immediately, parish Police Jury President Marty Triche said Friday evening.


The "potential failiure" of an inactive and plugged Texas Brine Co. LLC salt-mining cavern is likely the cause of the "slurry area" and Gov. Jindal has declared a state of emergency.


In late June, officials in Assumption Parish began discovering more than a dozen areas near Belle Rose, LA in and around Bayou Corne and Grand Bayou where the water is roiling from escaping methane, ethane and propane.

gas bubbles emerging from Bayou Corne
Gas bubbles boil to the surface of a bayou near Belle Rose, LA - photo by WAFB News

At the same time local residents said that they have been experiencing tremors. Jason Hugh told WAFB news, "our houses shifting and cracks in our sheet rock and our foundation." Debra Charlet added, "My home moved, and my home shook. My home moved, and I'm on cement."

Trees collapse into the expanding "Slurry Area" just Southeast of Belle Rose. - by Adam Lau for The Advocate.

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