Friday, July 20, 2012

Wise Women Media for 7/20/12-Kelley Sypher and Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc

For our first hour 8 to 9PM EDT: Kelley Sypher
Kelley grew up in rural Connecticut with a very close family, moved to Florida when she was 24 years old and lived there for 14 years until she was in a bad car accident (she was hit by a drunk driver). She then returned home to Connecticut to recuperate for 2 years. Now she is walking again, resumed her work as a hairstylist and recently began riding horses again as she did in her youth and now for therapy and for the pure joy of it! As 3rd year anniversary of the traumatic accident looms ahead next week, Kelley will tell us how she healed, how she celebrates life and she will give us a birds’ eye view on personal courage in times of loss. She has come a long way. A remarkable woman!
For our second hour 9 to 10PM EDT: Andrea Dean Van Scoyoc
Shaanthi Yoga is an Eclectic method of Yoga and Andrea is newly certified after years of personal study and will be conducting her new classes on GOOGLE HANGOUT. Perfect for those who cannot travel because they are shut ins or cannot afford the gas or the time out of the house. The classes are inexpensive and only $5 for the introductory class. See more at the following Facebook Event page: Yoga Class. Andrea will tell us all about the Shaanthi modality and what we can expect in one of her classes. The first one is July 28th and I plan on attending. How about you?
CLICK HERE to get to this special double header show that will focus on PERSONAL HEALING!

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