Thursday, May 10, 2012

173PPM Contamination on Sarasota Beach--Testing Done in Sept 2010

Regular testing needs to be done. 
There was a sand sample taken from Sarasota Beach in September of 2010.
It tested 173 ppm.
The lab was done by Bob Naman in Alabama and he later fingerprint matched it to the Macondo well.
The scientists from USF doing the testing were given a copy of this lab at a Sierra Club event, The Science of the Spill in November 2010, so they know about it. I personally put the lab report in their hands and that was video recorded.
Link to original lab report:

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Judith said...

I just left the Sarasota area because of concerns from the oil spill and heavy chemttrails contaminating the area as well. Last time I was at the beach in Sarasota, Lido Beach, I woke up the next day with a very swollen throat. My girlfriend said she had the same problem.

But, we can forget about the local authorities ever testing the area. There is too much money at stake in Sarasota and other high-end Florida beaches. They have to keep people buying the high rise condos and coming to Florida for vacations. Money over health, isn't that the direction of everything these days.

We never hear about the vet who was investigating swan deaths around Sarasota, he disappeared and we haven't heard another thing.