Saturday, September 10, 2011

An Oily Tide Washes in With Gulf Storms by Rocky Kistner

When Tropical Storm Lee pummeled the Gulf coast with wind and rain last week, it left more than local floods and wind damage in its wake. Residents from Florida to Louisiana report the slow-moving gale blew in oily residues, thick tar mats and tar balls, confirming fears that the crude from BP’s historic blowout is far from gone.
Charles Taylor of Bay St Louis, MS, said he went out to investigate right after the storm hit to photograph the beach, taking samples of oily crude and tar with a spoon. Taylor said he offered them to the US Coast Guard at a meeting in Biloxi but no one would take them. “I getting fed up with their ways,” he wrote me in an email.
Oil-like substance on Bay St. Louis beach                    Photo: Charles Taylor
Bay St. Louis beach                                         Photo: Laurie Gayle Lambert
Tar balls on Gulf Shores, MS       Photo: Laurel Lockamy
Tar-like substance on Gulf Shore, MS, beach              Photo: Laurel Lockamy
To see dramatic video of the aftermath of T.S. Lee, check out this site, Black Oil, Red Blood.
 Dead dolphin off MS coast.                                            Photo: Lorrie Williams

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