Thursday, May 20, 2010

Corexit: BP Using Dispersants In Gulf Banned In U.K. For Being More Toxic And Less Effective

Almost everyone here keeps blaming this on Cheney, Bush, BP, Haliburton. Let's get REAL folks...any representative that took money from BIG OIL is responsible for this mess...and our leaders allowed 3700 operation oil platforms in the Gulf with no oversight and without researching the risk factors. This is irresponsible and puts money and corporations before the people they are serving. Not to mention, the planet and the flora and fauna that we share the planet with. When will most Americans GET THIS and realize that we will not have CHANGE until we vote the current criminals OUT OF OFFICE and replace them with citizen leaders? We need to take corporate financing out of elections and campaigns for this to work...and we need to support those candidates that are ready to run and serve the people SINCERELY without huge sums of money factoring in...this is a travesty and criminal!
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